补充您的每月纸质或无纸化账单, you have access to an online 交互式法案 that provides additional insights into your energy use and charges.


我想看看你的账单总览? Learn about the different sections of your bill by selecting your bill from the list.

注意: 各种账单类型仅供参考. 您的实际费率和收费可能会有所不同.

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When you receive your 纸法案 from 坦帕电, you’ll see the following components:

账户汇总 & 消息传递
帐户摘要组件突出显示对您非常重要的信息, 提供简单的付款选项和详细的消息,关于您的账单.
根据账单洞察力做出明智的决定. 比上个月访问, year-over-year and daily usage comparisons with actionable recommendations on how to save money and energy, 只为你!
交互式账单功能包括每日和每月的使用图表, 能够看到温度数据如何影响你的账单. You can choose to view temperature data, usage data, or cost data by using the controls on the graph.
账单总结 & 负责解释
The 账单总结 shows a clear layout of all your charges with a distinction between utility charges and taxes. 想知道电荷是什么意思吗? You’ll have the ability to click on the question mark next to your charge for a definition.



A. Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to access the terms and definitions that apply to your bill. You also can understand your charges by clicking on the tooltip on the 交互式法案.

A. Scanning the QR code will take you to your online account to access your 交互式法案.


  1. 在您的移动设备上打开相机应用程序
  2. 将相机悬停在QR码上,直到它在屏幕上可见
  3. QR码周围会出现边框,屏幕上会出现链接
  4. 当这个链接在你的相机上可见时,点击它
  5. 这将把你转到十大网赌靠谱网址平台的账户
  6. 使用您的用户名和密码登录帐户


A. 互动法案是您获取个性化见解的资源, 查看有关您的账单的重要信息, 了解账单波动, 和更多的.

纸质账单和交互式账单可以无缝地协同工作. 而纸质账单简化了您的账单信息, the 交互式法案 provides a thorough overview of your usage details and account history, 让你更深入地了解感兴趣的领域.

A. No, the 交互式法案 is a tool available for you to use in addition to your 纸法案. The 交互式法案 displays all of the same information on your 纸法案 but provides more details if you wish to dig deeper.

A. The 交互式法案 will reflect near real-time information reflecting any payments made, 当前余额, 以及账单上的其他调整.

A. 是的, 您可以按月访问, year-over-year and daily usage comparisons with actionable recommendations on how to save money and energy.

A. 是的, only those with the account username and password can log in and view your billing information. 进一步了解十大国际老虎机平台隐私政策.

A. 如果您在邮件中收到纸质账单或无纸化账单, it will have a QR code that when scanned will direct you to your online 交互式法案. 登录后,您将被直接带到您的交互式账单. 你也可以登录tecoaccount.Com然后选择一个结算周期以访问该时间段的交互式账单.

请注意: 进入你的帐单的互动版本, 您必须创建一个在线帐户或登录到您的现有帐户.


A. 是的, the bill has gone through extensive ADA testing to make sure all components that are included can be acknowledged by all.


A. 将您的帐单偏好切换到无纸化, you’ll need to login to your account and click 无纸化计费 from the main landing page. 在设置下,有一个开关来打开或关闭无纸化账单.

A. 是的! 作为无纸化客户, 你每个月都会收到一封电子邮件, 也被称为无纸化通知, 让您知道您的账单已准备好查看和支付. You can compare your actual bill to the annotated version of your type of bill in “How to Read your Bill” section above.



The monthly 基本服务费 covers the cost of maintaining your electric meter and the wires that bring electrical service to your home or business. 它还包括抄表的费用, 维护客户记录,对账单付款进行会计处理, 信贷和其他交易. 每个客户都要支付这笔费用——即使这个月没有用电.


The monthly 电费 includes all other costs of producing the electricity you purchase, 除了燃料. 这包括保护、环境和容量成本回收费用.


The monthly 燃料费用 translates to the cost of fuel used to produce your electricity. 燃料成本由十大国际老虎机平台的燃料供应商转嫁给你方,没有任何加价. 取决于你参加的项目, 您可能会在账单上看到其他项目,如Zap Cap系统®, 可再生能源, 户外照明, 分享, 和其他人.

每天平均千瓦时 -平均每天购买的电量.

基本服务费 -每天固定的金额,用于支付向您所在地点提供服务的成本. 这个费用是按月计费的,不管用了多少电.

聪明的选择SM -租用户外照明服务的相关费用及收费.

预算帐单 – Optional plan averages your home’s last 12 monthly billing periods so you pay the same amount for your service each month.

清洁能源转型机制(CETM) – A charge to recover costs associated with electric meter upgrades and the closing of certain coal generating plants to support 坦帕电’s transition to produce clean energy.

电费 -住宅用途, 小型商业及照明客户, includes the cost (除了燃料) of producing and delivering the electricity you purchased, 包括保护, 环境和容量成本回收费用. 对于其他客户,这三个成本回收费用显示为单独的行项目.

估计 -如果坦帕电力无法读取您的电表,将显示“估计”. 你的电表将在下个月被读出,任何差异将被相应地调整.

佛罗里达州总收入税 – A tax is imposed on gross receipts from utility services that are delivered to retail customers in Florida, 根据佛罗里达州法规第203章. Utility companies collect the tax from all customers, unless exempt, and remit to the state.

佛罗里达州州税 – A tax imposed on every person who engages in the business of selling or renting tangible personal property at retail in the state, 根据佛罗里达州法规第212章.

特许经营费 – A fee levied by a municipality for the right to utilize public property to provide electric service. 费用由十大网赌靠谱网址平台收取并支付给市政当局.

燃料费用 -你购买的用于发电的燃料成本. Fuel costs are passed through from fuel suppliers to our customers with no markup or profit to 坦帕电.
千瓦小时(kWh) ——电能使用的基本计量.

滞纳金 – For past due amounts more than $10, the late payment charge is the greater of $5 or 1.逾期金额的5%. 逾期金额为$10或以下,滞纳金为$1.逾期金额的5%.

市政公务税 -许多市政当局对你使用的电力征税. 它由十大网赌靠谱网址平台收集并支付给市政当局.

逾期 – Previous charges that are past due are subject to a late payment charge fee and may result in disconnection.

黄金时段SM – A residential program that offers a monthly credit on your electric bill for allowing 坦帕电 to temporarily interrupt power to certain appliances during periods of extremely high demand for electricity.

产量表 -您支付的金额(费率)取决于您的客户类别. 提供服务的成本因客户群体而异.

分享 -十大网赌靠谱网址平台的一个项目,帮助有需要的客户支付能源账单. 想帮忙吗?? Your tax-deductible contribution is matched by 坦帕电 and is administered by a third-party.

防风费 – The cost of additional hardening efforts to further protect the power grid from hurricanes or other extreme weather events.

风暴附加费 -将收回风暴费用的费用,该费用将记入风暴储备.

太阳选择SM – The cost of producing energy you purchased from dedicated solar generation facilities. 您无需支付账单中太阳选择部分的燃油费.

太阳来了SM – The amount of electricity purchased from solar generating sources serving the 太阳来了 program, 以200千瓦时为单位提供可选的可再生能源购买服务.

应付总额 -本月的费用将在显示日期后过期. 此日期不延长任何先前余额的日期. It’s important that you pay your bill before this date to avoid interruption of service.

Zap Cap系统® – Surge protection for your home or business sold separately as a non-energy charge.


查看适用于的术语和定义 人民燃气账单.


On rare occasions we may have to estimate a billing amount based on past customer electricity usage. In the unlikely event that a meter does not transmit a reading or we’re unable to access the meter, we’ll estimate using a multi-step calculation that takes into account your prior electric usage as well as recent weather impacts. 这有助于十大国际老虎机平台在无法进行物理读取时做出准确的估计. 任何需要的更正都将反映在您的以下账单上.


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